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A.O. Smith COF Series Oil-Fired, Small Volume Water Heater

Energy Efficient

  • Meets or exceeds the thermal efficiency and standy loss requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy and Current Edition ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1.

Lime Tamer™ Models Inhibit Lime and Sediment Buildup

  • Lime Tamer™ models are warranted against tank failure due to sediment buildup for three years.

Glass-Lined Tank

  • Maximizes tank life. 160psi working pressure.

180° Adjustable Thermostat

  • Has upper and lower sensing bulbs to average water temperatures at top and bottom of heater for maximum temperature control (120°-180°).

Safety Shutoff

  • Limits temperature buildup.

UL Listed Oil Burner

  • Precision engineered to match the units they are used with; designed to fire 1.75 to 5.0 gallons of oil per hour.
  • All models equipped with single phase continuous duty motor 120 volt AC60 Hz, 3450 rpm with manual overload switch and interrupted ignition.
  • Standard burners equipped with single stage pump with 1 or 2 line capability.
  • Flame retention principle assures high rate of combustion efficiency, yet maintains low operating noise levels.
  • Fuel unit includes pump, strainer, pressure regulating valve and ignition transformer.
  • Transformer rated at 120 volt AC, 60 Hz with 10,000 volt secondary, UL listed for use with No. 1 and 2 commercial grade fuel oil.
  • Burner mounted cadmium cell relay for flame detection - 15 second safety switch timing eliminates the need for RA890F Electronic Safeguard.
  • Complies with UL A708.5-32/33.

Efficient Combustion Chamber

  • Precast, high temperature combustion chamber made of alumina silica ceramic fiber. Engineered for maximum insulation and heat reflection.
  • Unique design assures more complete combustion by stabilizing flame pattern.

Interrupted Ignition

  • Reduces electrical consumption.

Oil Solenoid Safety Valve

  • Standard on COF-455 and 700.

3/4” Drain Valve

  • Provided in lower tank for fast draining.

Two Hand-Hole Cleanouts

  • Allows easy cleaning on standard models COF-385 and larger and ASME models.

Anodic Protection

  • For longer tank life.

Flame Observation Port

  • Permits convenient flame check

Foam Insulation

  • Saves fuel, helps maintain constant temperature.


  • Heavy gauge steel with baked enamel finish over bonderized undercoat.
  • Not approved for installation on combustible flooring.

Easy to Install Burner

  • Three bolt mounting of burner assures easy installation.

Barometric Draft Regulator

CSA Certified and ASME Rated T&P Relief Valve

Other Features

  • Two Stage Pump - For use with underground oil storage tanks or JP-5 fuel
  • ASME Construction Available - All models are rated 160 psi max working pressure
  • CAUTION: Units must be installed on noncombustible surface.

Three Year Limited Tank Warranty

  • Factory Start-Up included - Required for activating warranty and assuring maximum operating performance.

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COF-199S Oil-Fired Water Heater, Standard
86 Gallon, 199,000 BTU Input
COF-385A Oil-Fired Water Heater, ASME
75 Gallon, 315,000 BTU Input
COF-455A Oil-Fired Water Heater, ASME
75 Gallon, 455,000 BTU Input
COF-700A Oil-Fired Water Heater, ASME
69 Gallon, 700,000 BTU Input


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