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Indirect Water Heaters

Bock Indirect Water Heaters

Hot Water Storage Tanks

EnviroStor Solar-Heater Indirect Water Storage with Suplemental Electric Heat
A storage tank ideal for solar heating applications. Includes a 4500W electric heating element.

Slant/Fin Indirect Water Heater - HWT Series

slant/fin-indirect water heater

Slant/Fin Indirect Water Heater, HWT Series
Available in 40, 60, 80 and 120 gallon units.
SuperStor Ultra Indirect Water Heater

SuperStor Ultra

The Superstor Ultra high output heat exchanger is engineered to accept a higher volume of heated boiler water with minimal pressure drop, which increases the Ultra's capability to produce large amounts of hot water.
Ergomax Heat Exchangers

ERGOMAX is a heat exchanger which uses thermal storage and turbulence to heat water instantaneously on demand. ERGOMAX can be connected to any source of hot water such as boilers (gas, oil, electric), solar, geothermal etc.