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Slant Fin Galaxy Cast Iron Gas Boiler

Slant-Fin Galaxy Boiler

Slant/Fin's Galaxy is a hot water boiler heating system which is one of America's most trusted gas boilers. Installed in tens of thousands of homes, Galaxy is the choice of experienced heating professionals everywhere. For homeowners, it's the wise choice for long-term efficiency and reliability. It doesn't rely on complex technologies for its efficiency, so there's less to pay for now and less to go wrong. While other boilers become subject to performance and breakdown problems over the years, you can count on Galaxy for efficient, trouble-free performance.

  • Fuel: Natural Gas or Propane (Shipped as NG unless LP is specified by customer at time of sale)
  • System: Hot Water
  • Combustion: Natural Draft, atmospheric
  • Capacity: Six sizes, 250 - 399 MBH Input
  • Efficiency: up to AFUE 83%

The computer-aided design of Galaxy's heat exchanger maximizes the transfer of heat from the flame to the water in your heating system. The flue passage design, thermal pin pattern and consistent wall thickness of each casting ensure uniform heat transfer and reduced thermal strain which prolongs the life of the castings. Durable metal push nipples expand and contract with the individual boiler sections that they connect. No flimsy gaskets that may deteriorate and leak.

Product Features:

  • Capacities for residential to light commercial requirements
  • Extended jacket conceals controls, wires and gas valve
  • Intermittent pilot
  • Assembled with only durable metal push nipples
  • 25 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Intermittent Pilot and Vent Damper - Natural Gas
Slant Fin GG-250HED Packaged Boiler
250,000 BTU Input
209,000 BTU DOE Capacity
82.80% AFUE Efficiency
Internmittent Pilot and Vent Damper
Weight 500 lbs.
Slant Fin GG-275HED Packaged Boiler
275,000 BTU Input
228,000 BTU DOE Capacity
82.70% AFUE Efficiency
Internmittent Pilot and Vent Damper
Weight 510 lbs.
Slant Fin GG-300EDP Packaged Boiler
300,000 BTU Input
240,000 BTU DOE Capacity
80.00% AFUE Efficiency
Internmittent Pilot and Vent Damper
Weight 565 lbs.
Slant Fin GG-350HED Packaged Boiler
350,000 BTU Input
291,000 BTU DOE Capacity
83.00% AFUE Efficiency
Internmittent Pilot and Vent Damper
Weight 635 lbs.
Slant Fin GG-375HED Packaged Boiler
375,000 BTU Input
304,000 BTU DOE Capacity
81.00% AFUE Efficiency
Internmittent Pilot and Vent Damper
Weight 645 lbs.
Slant Fin GG-399HED Packaged Boiler
399,000 BTU Input
327,000 BTU DOE Capacity
82.00% AFUE Efficiency
Internmittent Pilot and Vent Damper
Weight 650 lbs.
Propane (LP) - Installed at factory at time of sale
Optional Propane Conversion



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