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Ultra-Fin™ Floor Heat Transfer Plates

With the Ultra-Fin Radiant Heating System, hot water tubing is installed in the joist spaces below the floor. As hot water travels through the tubing, the heat is conducted to light-weight louvered aluminum Ultra-Fins™ attached to the tubing. The Ultra-Fins™ transfer heat to the air between the joists, generating convection currents that warm the entire floor above quickly and efficiently. It’s a process that provides big cost savings over other hydronic heating systems, together with faster response and superior comfort.

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Many radiant heat systems require special engineering and hours of labor for installation. Floor structures have to be reinforced to support heavy concrete slabs, or hours of extra work are needed to secure the hot water tubing in precisely the correct orientation. Ultra-Fin™ is much simpler.

With the Ultra-Fin Radiant Floor Heating System™, the tubing simply runs through the open joist spaces and the aluminum Ultra-Fins™ are clipped on quickly. As a result, installation is relatively easy and requires much less time than the majority of heating systems. It also makes it ideal for retrofitting older homes and renovation projects with radiant heat.

NOTE: To compute the number of plates needed, a general rule of thumb is to divide the square footage by 1.5.

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Ultra-Fin 10 in. Aluminum Plates, Case of 100 (50 pairs)
Turn Key installation
Ultra-Fin 3" Snake Hangers, 100 Qty.
Used if pipe will be installed parallet with floor joist.


Information source: MacDuffco Manufacturing Inc.