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Munchkin Control Board / Display Board Replacement for 925 Controller, part # 7250P-731

HTP Munchkin 7250P-731


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This part is used to replace the control board and the display board if you currently have a 925 Controller (replacing part # 7250P-317) in your Munchkin boiler. If you are unsure if this is the correct board for your unit, please Contact Us prior to placing the order.

The part will also upgrade your boiler to the new 926 Control Board. Generally, if you are replacing the original control board in your boiler, this will be the replacement for any Munchkin R1 model built from 11/02/02 - 6/30/08. However, if you've already upgraded to the 926 controller, you can replace the board with another 926 board, part # 7350P-008.

NOTE: You will need to send us a follow-up email with your boiler's model and serial number so that the control board will have the correct programming.

This part is used with the following models and versions:


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Munchkin Control/Display Replacement for 925 Controller
Please send a follow-up email with your model and serial number to ensure the proper display is shipped for your unit.


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Determining the version of your Munchkin Boiler

  • Your boiler has a plate or sticker which tells you the model number, version, and serial number of your unit.

  • On our site, Pre-925 denotes units built prior to 11/02/02 having a Honeywell Control. It was the first version of the Munchkin boiler, and your serial number sticker/plate will list the model number with no version number after it. This unit was built before the 925 Controller with the digital readout. In short, if your display only has a reset button and no digital readout, you have this version.

  • R1 (Revision 1) denotes units built 11/02/02 - 12/19/06. Generally the sticker will show an R1 on the sticker after your model number. For example, 80M R1.

  • R2 (Revision 2) denotes units built after 12/20/06. Generally the sticker will show an R2 on the sticker after your model number. For example, 80M R1, or 80M ASME R2.

  • For wall-hung units (T50M & T80M), R1 units were built 11/02/02 - 1/3/07, and R2 units after 1/4/07.

  • Your serial number sticker should have the manufacture date printed right on it. If not, we can help you determine the manufacture date if you provide us your serial number.