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Munchkin Boiler Parts

We stock the most common Munchkin Boiler repair parts, vent kits, etc. Other Munchkin parts can be special ordered.

If you already know your part number, several of the main Munchkin parts are sorted sequentially in the left column on this page. Otherwise, in the right column choose your boiler's model number for the appropriate parts list (your model number and version can be located on your unit).


Go directly to a part (sorted numerically):

  • 7250P-003: Blower Motor Gasket

  • 7250P-005: Gasket for Spark Electrode and Flame Rectification Probe

  • 7250P-017: Spark Ignition Cable

  • 7250P-018: Eco Cable

  • 7250P-019: Eco/High Limit

  • 7250P-022: Transformer Assembly (includes Cable)

  • 7250P-023: Line Cable

  • 7250P-024: Thermostat Cable

  • 7250P-025: Low Voltage Cable

  • 7250P-026: Pump Cable

  • 7250P-035: Honeywell Venturi

  • 7250P-037: Honeywell Venturi

  • 7250P-038: Gas Valve

  • 7250P-049: Flame Rectification Probe (with Gasket 7250P-005)

  • 7250P-058: Spark Electrode (with Gasket 7250P-005)

  • 7250P-059: Thermister Inlet/Outlet

  • 7250P-069: Screw for Spark Electrode and Flame Rectification Probe

  • 7250P-070: Burner Gasket

  • 7250P-080: Relief Valve :30 PSI, 510,000 BTU

  • 7250P-081: Water Pressure Switch (Identifiable by Red Dot)

  • 7250P-085: Blower Motor (with Gasket 7250P-226)

  • 7250P-086: Blower Motor (with Gasket 7250P-226)

  • 7250P-087: Blower Motor (with Gasket 7250P-226)

  • 7250P-089: Thermodisc Flue Eco - 210 Deg. F

  • 7250P-090: EBM Power Cable

  • 7250P-096: Water Pressure Switch (Identifiable by Blue Dot)

  • 7250P-102: NIT Burner for Model 140M

  • 7250P-117: NIT Burner for Model 199M

  • 7250P-139: Valve Rated at CV30 and (1) Strap on Pipe Sensor

  • 7250P-144: Gasket for Blower Motor

  • 7250P-145: Air Inlet Baffle

  • 7250P-147: Air Pressure Switch

  • 7250P-150: Blocked Vent Pressure Switch

  • 7250P-155: Burner (with Gasket 7250P-070)

  • 7250P-159: Alarm Wire Assembly

  • 7250P-160: Ceramic Target Wall

  • 7250P-161: Burner Door Ceramic Refractory

  • 7250P-169: Burner Door

  • 7250P-170: Gasket, Burner Door to Air Channel

  • 7250P-178: Air Baffle

  • 7250P-204: Burner Door Screws

  • 7250P-206: Munchkin Screw, Air Channel to Burner Door (Bag of 5)

  • 7250P-211: Temperature / Pressure Gauge - 60 PSI

  • 7250P-216: NIT Burner (with Gasket 7250P-070)

  • 7250P-219: Relief Valve 125 PSI, 200,000 BTU for Model 199M HP Only

  • 7250P-222: Vision 2 Main Control Board (no longer available)

  • 7250P-223: Vision 2 Connection Board

  • 7250P-226: Blower Motor Gasket

  • 7250P-248: NIT Burner (with Gasket 7250P-070)

  • 7250P-249: NIT Burner (with Gasket 7250P-070)

  • 7250P-250: NIT Burner (with Gasket 7250P-070)

  • 7250P-279: Hot Surface Ignitor for HA (High Altitude) Models

  • 7250P-319: Outdoor Sensor, Vision 1

  • 7250P-320: PC Connection Cable

  • 7250P-322: Vision 2 Controller (no longer available)

  • 7250P-324: Supply Temperature Sensor

  • 7250P-325: Indirect Tank Sensor

  • 7250P-332: Display for 925 Control Board (includes Ribbon Cable)

  • 7250P-352: Control Board Clips, Pack

  • 7250P-363: Vision 3 Connection Board

  • 7250P-364: Vision 3 Main Control Board, Four Boiler

  • 7250P-365: Single Display (Includes Ribbon Cable) Vision 2

  • 7250P-366: Single Display (Includes Ribbon Cable) Vision 3

  • 7250P-370: Interface Control Box (no longer available)

  • 7250P-373: Interface Wiring Harness

  • 7250P-374: Wiring Harness, Control Box

  • 7250P-376: Wiring Harness Low Voltage 10 Pin/20 Pin

  • 7250P-378: Control Board Fuse, 110 Volt, 6.3 AMPS

  • 7250P-385: Wiring Harness Low Voltage 10 Pin/20 Pin (replaced with 7250P-700)

  • 7250P-386: Wiring Harness 9 Pin 120V for HA (High Altitude)

  • 7250P-387: Wiring Harness 9 Pin 120 Volt

  • 7250P-388: Wiring Harness 9 Pin 120 Volt

  • 7250P-389: Wiring Harness 9 Pin 120V for HA (High Altitude)

  • 7250P-390: Wiring Harness 5 Pin 120 Volt (Per the manufacturer, order new part number 7250P-696)

  • 7250P-391: Wiring Harness Low Voltage 10 Pin/20 Pin

  • 7250P-392: Spark Cable

  • 7250P-421: Spark Electrode (with Gasket 7250P-005)

  • 7250P-427: Flue Gasket

  • 7250P-423: Stainless Thermister (with Blue Connector) Inlet / Outlet

  • 7250P-448: Dungs Gas Valve

  • 7250P-449: Dungs Gas Valve

  • 7250P-450: Dungs Gas Valve

  • 7250P-451: Dungs Gas Valve

  • 7250P-452: Dungs Gas Valve

  • 7250P-460: Condensate Hose Assembly

  • 7250P-482: Vision 3 Controller, Four Boiler Control Package

  • 7250P-483: Vision 3 Controller, Eight Boiler Control Package

  • 7250P-499: Temperature / Pressure Gauge - 200 PSI

  • 7250P-502: NIT Burner (with Gasket 7250P-070)

  • 7250P-535: Wiring Harness Low Voltage Both 10 Pin/20 Pin

  • 7250P-540: Air/Gas Valve Assembly

  • 7250P-545: Air/Gas Mixer

  • 7250P-552: First Valve Solenoid

  • 7250P-553: Main Valve Solenoid

  • 7250P-576: Relief Valve 125 PSI, 791,000 BTU for Model 399M HP Only

  • 7250P-580: Relay Board

  • 7250P-588: Brass Tee (2 x 2 x 1)

  • 7250P-589: Brass Tee (1-1/4 x 1-1/4 x 1)

  • 7250P-590: Float Switch (Taco)

  • 7250P-591: High Velocity Circulation Pump

  • 7250P-592: High Velocity Circulation Pump

  • 7250P-593: Float Switch Paddles with Screws 1-1/4 Inch

  • 7250P-594: 1-1/4 Inch Mounting Flanges (2)

  • 7250P-595: 1-1/2 Inch Mounting Flanges (2)

  • 7250P-596: Brass Reducing Coupling (1-1/2 x 2)

  • 7250P-597: Close Nipple 1-1/2

  • 7250P-599: Wiring Harness Low Voltage 10 Pin/20 Pin (discontinued)

  • 7250P-600: Wiring Harness Low Voltage 10 Pin/20 Pin

  • 7250P-601: Wiring Harness 9 Pin 120 Volt

  • 7250P-602: Wiring Harness 9 Pin 120 Volt

  • 7250P-612: Float Switch (Taco)

  • 7250P-613: Float Switch Paddles with Screws 1-1/4 Inch

  • 7250P-622: Vision 1 Controller (Discontinued - but Outdoor Sensor 7250P-319 and indirect Sensor 7250P-325 still available)

  • 7250P-642: Vision 3 Main Control Logic Board, Eight Boiler

  • 7250P-644: Gas Valve Change Adapter Plate

  • 7250P-645: Gas Valve Change Out Kit - Honeywell to Dungs

  • 7250P-653: Spark Cable

  • 7250P-657: Adjustable Legs for Munchkin - Set of Four

  • 7250P-660: Multi Display Vision 2 and 3 Zone or Boiler Display (Bottom)

  • 7250P-661: Multi Display Vision 2 and 3 Programming Display (Top)

  • 7250P-667: Thermistor

  • 7250P-671: Latch and Gasket Kit

  • 7250P-684: Burner Door

  • 7250P-696: Wiring Harness 5 Pin 120 Volt

  • 7250P-697: Wiring Harness 9 Pin 120 Volt

  • 7250P-699: Wiring Harness Low Voltage 10 Pin/20 Pin

  • 7250P-700: Wiring Harness Low Voltage 10 Pin/20 Pin

  • 7250P-701: Gas Valve Solenoid Kit (discontinued; use 7250P-741 for R1 and R2 units built prior to 12/4/07)

  • 7250P-702: Burner Door Ceramic Refractory

  • 7250P-703: NIT Burner

  • 7250P-704: Munchkin M4 x 8 Flat Head Screw (Ceramic Target Wall)

  • 7250P-710: Dungs Gas Valve

  • 7250P-710: Swirl Plate (for Dungs gas valve), 399M

  • 7250P-714: Natural to Propane Gas Conversion Kit

  • 7250P-714-2: Natural to Propane Gas Conversion Kit

  • 7250P-715: Propane to Natural Gas Conversion Kit

  • 7250P-715-2: Propane to Natural Gas Conversion Kit

  • 7250P-718: Screw

  • 7250P-724: Condensate Hose Assembly

  • 7250P-731: Control Board / Display Board Replacement for 925 Controller (7250P-317)

  • 7250P-737: USB Connector

  • 7250P-738: PC Connection Cable with USB Connector

  • 7250P-741: Krom Schroder to Dungs Gas Valve Conversion Kit for 399M only (used on R1 and R2 units prior to 12/4/07)

  • 7350P-008: 926 Control Board

  • 7350P-009: 926 Control Display Board (Includes Ribbon Cable)

  • 7350P-020: Spark Electrode (with Gasket)

  • 7350P-021: Spark Electrode (with Gasket)

  • 7350P-022: Flame Rectification Probe (with Gasket)

  • 7350P-159: Blower Motor (with Gasket)

  • 7450P-218: Condensate Neutralizer (formerly part # N1100)

  • 7500P-002: Flue Eco

  • 7500P-010: Composite Module

  • 7500P-012: Composite Module

  • 7500P-014: Composite Module

  • 7500P-015: NIT Burner

  • 7500P-016: NIT Burner

  • 7500P-017: NIT Burner

  • 7500P-029: Supply Manifold Assembly (with O-Ring, Relief Valve)

  • 7500P-030: Return Manifold Assembly (with O-Ring) - Discontinued, no longer available

  • 7500P-031: Combustion Blower (with Screws)

  • 7500P-033: High Limit Sensor

  • 7500P-039: Flame Rectification Probe (with Gasket)

  • 7500P-053: Low Voltage Wiring Harness

  • 7500P-054: 9 Pin Wiring Harness

  • 7500P-055: 5 Pin Wiring Harness

  • 7500P-058: Display for 925 Control Board

  • 7500P-074: Gasket for NIT Burner, All Models

  • 7500P-075: Gasket (Air Channel to Combustion Blower)

  • 7500P-076: Burner Door Ceramic Refractory

  • 7500P-090: Condensate Cup with Engagement Switch / Overflow Switch

  • 7500P-091: Swirl Plate for T50M units with a Dungs Gas Valve

  • 7500P-092: Swirl Plate for 80M units with a Dungs Gas Valve

  • 7500P-093: Swirl Plate for 140M, 199M units with a Dungs Gas Valve

  • 7500P-094: O-Ring

  • 7500P-098: Temperature / Pressure Gauge

  • 7500P-099: Screw

  • 7500P-105: Screw

  • 7500P-180: Gas Valve

  • L4080B-1352: Honeywell Control with Differential of 7 deg. (used for Superstor Indirect Water Heater)

  • N1100: Condensate Neutralizer (new part # 7450P-218)

  • R17250P-429: 926 Upgrade Kit for Model 80M

  • R17250P-430: 925 Upgrade Kit for HA (High Altitude)

  • R17250P-431: 926 Upgrade Kit

  • R17250P-432: 925 Upgrade Kit for HA (High Altitude)

  • SSV2.5: Mesh Screen - 2-1/2 Inch Stainless Steel (2 Inch Pipe)

  • SSV3.5: Mesh Screen -3-1/2 Inch Stainless Steel (3 Inch Pipe)

  • SSV4.5: Mesh Screen - 4-1/2 Inch Stainless Steel (4 Inch Pipe)

  • TP1500: Relief Valve 3/4 in., for Superstor 20, 30, 30LB, 45 & 60 gallon units.

Choose your model:

Munchkin Boiler, R1
(Revision 1)
Built from 11/02/02 to 12/19/06

Munchkin Boiler, R2
(Revision 2)

Built after 1/4/07

Munchkin Boiler, Honeywell
Pre-925 Controller

Built prior to 11/02/02

Munchkin VWH Hot Water Supply Boiler
(Volume Water Heater)

Munchkin Contender
MC Series


Other HTP Lines:

Elite Boiler

Elite VWH Volume Water Heater

Elite EFT Boiler

Elite Plus Boiler

Elite Premier Boiler



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