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ATS (Aqua Treatment Service) AirPro Air Quality Disinfection System

Aqua Treatment AirPro Purification System


Adanced Oxidation Household Air Purification System

The ATS AirPro System can be installed with any HVAC system and works to improve the indoor air quality. By killing troublesome molds, mildew and fungi, this system decomposes hundreds of everyday odors and reduces the cause of many illnesses and known allergens.

Complete your AirPro System by adding the remote UVC Lamp, the EZ-Light.

  • STOP mold before it STARTS! The remote UVC Lamp installs before the HVAC coils and keeps mold from growing on wet components inside the system.
  • Save energy! With the remote UVC Lamp installed, you save energy by keeping your HVAC coils clean, allowing the system to function properly.
  • ECO-friendly! EZ-Light helps to prevent environmentally unfriendly chemical coil cleanings.
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AirPRO UV AIR Indoor Air Quality Disinfection System
Kit to add 12 in. UV Light (1 ea.) to existing AirPRO System
Dual Spectrum Replacement UV Lamp
(Replace every two years)
(same as # APA 1013)
Advanced PCO Module
(Replaced every five years)