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Heat Transfer Products (HTP) Repair Parts

Repair parts for all HTP models (ie. Munchkin, Elite, ModCon, Pioneer, Superstor, etc.), are listed in numerical order in the left column below. If you do not know the part number you need, please find the model number of your unit in the right column.


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Munchkin Boiler, R1
(Revision 1)
Built from 11/02/02 to 12/19/06

Munchkin Boiler, R2
(Revision 2)

Built after 1/4/07

Munchkin Boiler, Honeywell
Pre-925 Controller

Built prior to 11/02/02

Munchkin VWH Hot Water Supply Boiler
(Volume Water Heater) R2

(Revision 2)

Munchkin Contender
MC Series


Elite Boiler

Elite VWH Volume Water Heater

Elite EFT Boiler

Elite Plus Boiler

Elite Premier Boiler

Pioneer Heating Appliance

Superstor Water Heater / Indirect Water Heater

Everlast Electric Water Heater

Crossover Hybrid