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Munchkin Boiler Parts

We stock the most common Munchkin Boiler repair parts and accessories. Please choose your model below to get started.

If you already know the part number you need, several of the most common Munchkin parts are also sorted sequentially below.

Munchkin R1: Parts Lists
(Revision 1)

For Munchkin Revision 1 boiler models built from 11/02/2002 to 12/09/2006.

Munchkin R2: Parts Lists

For Munchkin Revision 2 boiler models built from after 12/09/2006.

Munchkin VWH Parts Lists

For Munchkin Volume Water Heaters.

Munchkin (with Honeywell Control Board): Parts List

For Munchkin boiler models with the Honeywell Control Board (no digital readout) built prior to 11/02/2002.

Munchkin Contender (MC Series): Parts List

For Munchkin Contender wall-hung boiler models (MC Series).

Munchkin Error Codes

For Munchkin and Contender models with a 925 or 926 control board (with a digital readout).



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Getting an error code on your display? Here are common Munchkin Error Codes and their Remedies.