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Parts for Crossover Hybrid Floor-Mounted Water Heater, 40 Gallon

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Outer View (Diagram 1)

Item # Description Part #
1 Pour Form (PU) N/A
2 Top Service Panel 8100P-031*
3 Top Cover N/A
4 Air Intake 8100P-032*
5 Mesh Screen 8100P-033*
6 Chassis N/A
7 Main Controller  
  - 75,000 BTU model 8100P-058*
  - 1000,000 BTU model 8100P-059*
8 Controller Cover 8100P-034*
9 T & P Relief Valve 8100P-015*
10 Drain Valve 8100P-005
11 Pipe Foot N/A
12 Main Power Cord 8100P-009*
13 Pipe Support 8100P-037*
14 Water Heater Stand 8100P-038*

Expanded View (Diagram 2)

Item # Description Part #
15 Hot Outlet Water Pipe 8100P-021*
16 T & P Relief Valve 8100P-015*
17 Tempering Valve 8100P-018
18 Exhaust Adaptor 8100-039
19 Trap Clamp 8100P-040*
20 Condensate Trap 8100P-024
21 Intake Air Pressure Switch  
  - 75,000 BTU model 8100P-055*
  - 1000,000 BTU model 8100P-057*
22 Exhaust Air Pressure Switch 8100P-056*
23 Gas Adaptor 8100P-041*
24 Gas Tube 8100P-042*
25 Gas Valve 8100P-053*
26 Blower Assembly with Mixer 8100P-054*
27 Ignitor 8100P-010
28 Ignitor Box 8100P-043
29 Gas Valve Support 8100P-044*
30 Pipe Clamp 8100P-045*
31 Exhaust Chamber N/A
32 Burner Assembly 8100P-004
33 Water Tank N/A
34 H/E Thermistor 8100P-014
35 Outlet Thermistor 8100P-016
36 Radial Blower Adapter 8100P-046*
37 APS Adapter
38 GV Power Plug 8100P-047*
39 Inlet Water Flow Sensor 8100P-023
Other Parts:
Not Shown
  ECO Burner Plate 8100P-022
  Wire Harness 8100P-013
  ECO Hot Water Outlet 8100P-060*
  Outlet Fitting 8100P-019
  Cold Inlet Water Pipe 8100P-020*
  Accessory Kit 8100P-062*
  Spare Parts Kits 8100P-036*


Outer View (Diagram 1):

HTP Crossover Floor Mounted, 40 Gallon


Expanded View (Diagram 2):

HTP Crossover Floor Mounted, 40 Gallon