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Water Heaters & Storage Tanks

We carry water heaters for residential, commercial and industrial needs. Available in natural gas and propane (LP gas), oil, electric and duel fuel.

By ordering a water heater, you are certifying that it will be installed by a reputable, licensed contractor, and that you agree with all terms as set forth by JupiterHeating.com and the manufacturer.

Bock Water Heaters

Bock Water Heaters

Heat Transfer Products (HTP) Repair Parts

Munchkin Contender Boiler

HTP Repair Parts

  • We have a master list for the most common HTP parts, including parts for the Munchkin, the Elite, Pioneer, ModCon, etc.
  • If you already know your part number, parts are sorted numerically. Or you can choose your model and look at its complete parts list.